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The O-Sevens Community is an interdisciplinary community of talented creatives. The community exists of artists, musicians, producers, audio-engineers, graphic designers, photographers, event planners, artist managers & more. 

Through the creation of the O-Sevens Community, O-Sevens is able to connect local creatives & young professionals to opportunities and facilitate their growth. 

Community members are provided with networking and learning opportunities in the local creative landscape and have access to exclusive merchandise drops.


The O-Sevens Sessions are network events hosted by the O-Sevens team. Intended to connect the O-Sevens Community to like-minded people, to network, brainstorm and learn from industry leaders & other guest speakers in-person.


Are you an artist, creative or professional in the creative field? Send us an e-mail for more information and updates about upcoming sessions and the O-Sevens Community.

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