What started as an idea back in 2016 grew into a Record Label, Clothing Brand and true staple in the local Community.


Founded by Bobby G as part of a school project in 2016

The name originated mid-freestyle in an infamous rap cypher night on what is known as Brooklane.


Motivated to uplift the creative landscape, the O-Sevens team is always looking to start new cultural projects for the local community as well as the online community.


O-Sevens Collective is an interdisciplinary team of local talent. The team exists of artists, musicians, producers, audio-engineers, graphic designers, photographers, event planners, artist managers & more. 

Through the creation of O-Sevens Collective we were able to find a way to connect young professionals to fulfill a great deal of services in the creative field ranging from Audio-Engineering and Music Production to Graphic Design and Workshops in various creative disciplines.

Members of the O-Sevens Collective are provided with opportunities in the local creative landscape and have access to exclusive merchandise, making them easy to spot.

Please send an e-mail to inquire about any services.

To apply for membership of O-Sevens Collective please send your resume and portfolio through e-mail.



The O-Sevens Sessions are network meetings hosted by the O-Sevens team. Are you an (aspiring) artist, creative or enthousiast? Feel free to join one of the Sessions to network, brainstorm and surround yourself with like-minded people. Send us an e-mail or a message on Instagram for more information and updates about upcoming sessions.